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Youth Advance, a leadership conference for teens in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states, will be hosting their first annual conference in the fall. This will be taking place Friday, Novemember 11th – Sunday Novemenber 13th at the Homewood Suites Malvern, PA. The cost to attend is $215.00.  Youth Advance typically holds their conferences in the spring, but has opted to move their schedule to the fall to help youth who attend have more opportunities to share what they learned with their home congregations.

Here’s a bit more about Youth Advance, from their website:

“Youth Advance’s began with a goal of identifying the most outstanding teenage leaders in Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Churches of Christ, bringing them together and training them to become more involved in the lives of others. Over the past 25 years, more than 1,000 students have benefited from the instruction, fellowship, and motivation they have received at Youth Advance. Upon returning to their home congregations, Youth Advance participants, called “Ambassadors,” share these blessings with their youth group and entire congregation.

Below you will find a flyer for you to share with your congregation, an example of their typical schedule and their seminar curriculm.

Come join us!

YA Flyer Fall 2011

Youth Advance Typical Schedule

Youth Advance Seminar Curriculm


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